Candelo Bulk Wholefoods Co-op

Updated 26th August 2022

Staff are continuing to wear a mask at Wholefoods to help protect staff and customers from the spread of COVID. The shop also has two air purifiers and we are keeping doors and windows open when possible, to ensure good ventilation inside.

We ask our customers to be mindful of maintaining a safe physical distance when inside the shop.
We are still offering a packing service to any customer that wishes to use this service.
Please email or phone through an order if you wish to shop this way. Orders need to be in the day before pick up is required.

Thanks so much for your care and co-operation

Customer orders: For those of you who wish to place an order, please find some guidance about placing an order here.  Please note that a 10% packing fee (capped at $10 for orders over $100) applies to orders packed by us – this is to help us to cover the additional costs to our business at this time. We appreciate your understanding about this. 

Our products: Information about the products we stock, including fresh produce deliveries is here

Please call or email us if you have any questions.

Thanks for supporting our local small business.

As a not-for-profit co-operative we aim to run an ethical business, providing the community with food that is affordable, wholesome, organic, local where possible and with minimal packaging. We aim to ensure the long term viability of this service and to provide secure employment to our members.

We sell: 

food in bulk
This means wherever possible our products will be unpackaged and available in bulk. This helps to reduce waste, pollution and unnecessary destruction of forests. You are encouraged to bring your own containers to support this philosophy. Any items that we package and label in the shop carry an extra 50c charge, so you can choose.

whole food
Food that has no or minimal processing, chemicals or additives.

locally grown food
We aim to provide products grown locally in the Bega Valley and then prioritise Australia produce. This means food will be fresher, have less food miles, use less fossil fuels and be better for you and the environment. This also helps support business and employment locally.

organically grown food
Healthier for you and kinder to our planet, organically grown food does not use imported chemicals that consume fossil fuels, damage soils and water catchments. It taste so good as well.